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 Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do you offer towing?


A: Yes, we can arrange to tow your vehicle to our shop.



Q: I want factory quality parts, but I don't want to pay out the nose at the dealership, can you help me?


A: Yes we can. Original equipment parts are an option at J&B, as long as they're still available for your vehicle. Please specify this when you call or drop off your vehicle.



Q: My transmission is acting up, do I need to splurge on a whole rebuild?


A: Not necessarily. Some problems can be caused by electrical problems, computer faults, and even poor engine performance. And other problems within the transmission itself can sometimes be repaired without removing and rebuilding the whole transmission. Drop by and let us do a quick road test of your vehicle, our experienced staff will determine the cause of the problem. Transmissions are our specialty.



Q: I got a notice for emission testing and my check engine light is on! What do I do?


A: Don't go to the testing facility! If your check engine light is on, it's an automatic failure. Drop by J&B and we'll check your fault codes for free, and we'll let you know what repairs need to be made to pass that test. We offer full emission control systems diagnosis and repair.





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