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Transmission Repair - Our specialty! Did you know that many transmission problems are caused by electrical components or a lack of transmission fluid? Don't wait, let us check your transmission at the first sign of trouble! Minor issues can often be repaired easily when they are caught early. If your transmission needs a major repair, we excel in transmission rebuilding. All of our rebuilt transmissions come with a 6 or 12 month warranty, check out our Warranty page!
Engine Repair - Running rough? Need an oil change? No problem! Tune-up, electrical component repair, timing belt/chain replacement, accessory belts, water pump, leak repair, or a complete overhaul, whatever your engine needs we can do!
Brakes - J&B repairs all types of brakes and all parts of braking systems, including ABS, traction control, and emergency brakes. Don't put yourself at risk, let us make sure your brakes are functioning properly.
Cooling System - If your temperature guage reads too high or too low, or if your temperature light comes on, your engine may be running outside of its optimal temperature, which can cause damage. J&B repairs all parts of a vehicle's cooling system!
Suspension and Steering - Sloppy handling, clunking sounds? J&B repairs all suspension and steering parts.
Starting and Charging - Trouble starting your car? Battery dead? Let us check it for you!
Electrical - Several problems can be caused by shorts, bad grounding, blown fuses and other electrical problems. We repair all types of electrical problems!
Computer Diagnosis - J&B uses computer diagnostics to help determine the cause of a vehicle's problem.
Heating and Air Conditioning - Hot or cold, whichever you want to be, we can help you! J&B offers full air conditioning and heating repair service for your vehicle.




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